Our Process

We utilize a proprietary cloud based, file sharing system to share everything about our project with our client. This means our client has real time access to the same information that we have. Subcontractor pricing, budget spreadsheets, job pictures, design aspects… are all available using a simple mobile application and/or a computer. Traditional “fixed fee” contracts are simply outdated and promote an environment where change orders are heavily exploited to generate large revenues in order to offset an initial, job securing low bid; temptation to use minimal construction methods and lesser quality materials when specifications are unclear and there is absolutely no transparency to the client.

Our collaborative approach of “Cost Plus” puts the control in the hands of the client. Our tried and true method has been at the core of our process from our inception. Decisions are made using more of a “round table” approach with the client and architect. Changes in scope and direction are far less costly than the traditional fixed fee method. The benefits are that the focus of the project becomes more about the process & quality; a qualitative approach to find the subcontractor and product that is the best fit for the job; this creates a more harmonious, trusting atmosphere in general. Our process promotes a healthy relationship between the builder and the client. Communication with our client is paramount. 

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